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About Qamar Masood

Qamar Masood is a distinguished member of the community residing in Orléans Ward 1, he has continued to achieve and contribute to the city since he came to Ottawa in the 1970s.  


A successful and an accomplished businessman! His automotive repair & sales businesses had been contributing significantly to Ottawa’s economy for 30+ years. He had employed many men and women while providing apprenticeships to build careers and employment opportunities for students in Ottawa (Orléans).  


Given his extensive experience in the automotive industry and professional background, he was appointed as a member of the provincial advisory committee to The Ministry of Colleges and Universities in Automotive Technology, Ontario, where he provided valuable policy input and advice to the Minister for 10 years. Now he is a member of The Ontario College of Trades.  


His community involvement is vast and extensive. He has volunteered actively for many multicultural organizations in which he has held executive and significant positions. Qamar is well known for his care and generosity especially to the less fortunate in the community. For the last 10 years he has been supplying food and served meals to feed the hungry at St. Joe’s Supper Table every Tuesday. 


Qamar has also received The City Builders Award for his volunteerism in Orléans, Ottawa and the community throughout the years. Qamar is a trained electrical engineer; licensed automotive service technician and multi licensed for alternate fuels. Qamar is also a qualified chef for authentic Pakistani & Indian cuisine. He has a great passion for cooking with professionalism, in fact Qamar participated in the cooking series show CHOPPED CANADA a few years ago on the Food Network channel. Qamar is married with 3 lovely grownup children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. 

Community Contributions

Qamar has volunteered actively for many multicultural organizations in which he has played important roles and held significant positions showing he has always been a great successful leader within his community. 


Since 2007, Qamar Masood has been the president of The Multicultural Association of Ottawa-Orléans. Under his leadership, the association has held successful annual multicultural festivals and annual Petrie Island cleanups. This organization also ran a seniors program for three years to engage seniors in various

indoor and outdoor activities.  


He visited Israel and Jordan for a peace mission with the Universal Peace Federation in 2006. 

Awards & Recognition

  • The City Builders Award (City of Ottawa)
  • Rogers Volunteers Award for Community Channel
  • Ontario Volunteer Service Awards (30 years service)

My Priorities

Together, we can accomplish…

My Orléans is a great place to live and raise a family in the National Capital Region. The most vibrant, exciting and affordable community is Orléans Ward 1.  


As Councillor for Orléans Ward 1, I will continue the fantastic work that current councillor Bob Monette has done over many years of incredible service to the people of Orléans, with humility and your support  I will provide excellent service and raise the quality of life in Ward 1. 


Together, we can accomplish these 7 priorities important to you.  

Priority 1 – Hydro Amalgamation 

The people of Orléans deserve better hydro rates. As Councillor, I will work to amalgamate Hydro 1 and Hydro Ottawa to reduce the cost of hydro for homeowners and businesses.

Priority 2 – Light Rail Transit Connectivity 

We are grateful to Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Bob Monette and his colleagues for their vision and hard work in bringing the LRT to Orléans. Soon, Ottawa and Orléans will be connected by LRT. Still, there is some vital work to be done before the LRT is fully functional.  I will work collaboratively with my colleagues to: Ensure the LRT is timely and successfully completed to Trim Road by 2022. I will ensure buses and LRT services are connected and well integrated to avoid commuting delays. I also will help build sound barriers on both sides of the LRT to minimize noise and pollution.

Priority 3 – Property Taxes

I will work towards zero increase in taxes. If absolutely necessary then I will support a tax hike of maximum 2%.

Priority 4 – Crime Control

Orléans is a safe community and to continue keeping it safe, I will work proactively and collaboratively with the Ottawa Police and the community to keep crime under control. 

Priority 5 – MIFO Support

The Movement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO) is a vital organization dedicated to enhancing the Francophone culture and traditions in the Orléans area. As Councillor, I will ensure MIFO is provided with adequate resources to support and expand its activities.

Priority 6 – Rejuvenation of St. Joseph BLVD

My plan for St. Joseph BLVD is to: Create a middle turning lane for safer and efficient driving. Create a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists while keeping the roads and sidewalks well maintained. Encourage businesses to establish cafés and entertainment venues, etc. 

Priority 7 – Carpool Lanes

Together we can work on creating carpool lanes on the 174 Highway into and out of Orléans for a safe and efficient commute.

Become a part of our community

Qamar Masood working hand to hand with community leaders and volunteers to develop a stronger community and a better city. 


“For the last 10 years Qamar Masood has been an incredible asset to the efforts of St. Joe’s Supper Table to feed the hungry who come to our doors. Every other Tuesday he delivers an entire Halal meal which feeds over one hundred people. He has never let us down and we wish him success in the upcoming election for Councillor of Ward 1, Orléans.”

Andrew Pump, PhD

St. Joe’s Supper Table Manager

St. Joseph’s Parish, 151 Laurier Ave. East. Ottawa. ON. K1N 6NB

Donate to my campaign

Political campaigns require significant resources to engage with the community. I ask for your support to help me reach out to the communities of Orléans, Ward 1. Your donation will not be subject to any tax credit but qualified for the City Rebate Program. Please note that I cannot accept donations from businesses, unions, or corporations as per the Municipal Elections Act.  

Donation rebate

Any amount more than $25.00 up till $100.00 is qualified for 50% Rebate

Any amount more than $100 up till $200.00 is qualified for 25% Rebate

Maximum donation limit for an individual to donate is $1,200.00

Maximum Rebate will not increase more than $75.00 

How to Donate


Online by PayPal

Making online donation is simple & secure. Simply click ‘DONATE’. choose amount to donate, login to your PayPal account or fill in the form. I will send the donation receipt to your email address. 


By Cheque

You can also donate by cheque, please make it payable to “QAMAR MASOOD CAMPAIGN” 


Mail your cheque to: Qamar Masood, 1099 Cholette Cr., Orléans. Ontario. K1C 1T4 

Need Help or have a Question?

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+(613) 859 6250


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